FOR EVER GODARD at cine lumiere in London (2-29 July 2004)

現在、ロンドンのシネ・ルミエール (17

Queensberry Place, London SW7 2DT) にて Godard の映画上映中。

 *  *  *

と、書いてから約1年1ヶ月が経過しました。リンク先のシネ・ルミエールのサイトはすでに新しい情報に切り替わっているので、手もとにあるパンフレットをもとに、2004年ロンドンで開催された for ever godard のスペシャル・イベント&上映作品スケジュール記録をここに残しておくことにします。



 7.15pm FOR EVER GODARD -- Book Launch

 7.30pm Masterclass with Raoul Coutard, Godard's cinematographer

 8.30pm First Name: Carmen

sat 3 july

 7.30pm Masterclass with Michael Witt, co-editor of For Ever Godard

 8.30pm JLG / JLG intro. by Michael Witt

tue 6 july

 8.00pm Le Petit Soldat intr. by Roland-Francois Lack, contributor to For Ever Godard

wed 7 july

 8.00pm King Lear intr. by Douglas Morrey, University of Newcastle

thu 8 july

 8.00pm Eloge de l'amour intr. by Colin MacCabe, author of a biography of Godard

fri 9 july

 8.00pm Weekend intr. by Mike Figgis, film director

tue 13 july

 8.00pm Slow Motion intr. by Catherine Grant, contributor to FOR EVER GODARD

thu 15 july

 8.00pm Alphaville intr. by Chris Darke, author of the forthcoming book Alphaville

fri 16 july

 7.30pm Masterclass with antoine Duhamel, Godard's Composer

 8.30pm Pierrot le fou intr. by Antoine Duhamel


fri 2 july

 8.30pm First Name: Carmen

sat 3 july

 5.30pm Two or Three Things I know about Her

 8.30pm JLG / JLG

sun 4 july

 5.15pm First Name: Carmen

 7.00pm Two or Three Things I know about Her

mon 5 july

 8.45pm Les Carabiniers

tue 6 july

 6.15pm Les Carabiniers

 8.00pm Le Petit Soldat

wed 7 july

 6.00pm Le Petit Soldat

 8.00pm King Lear

thu 8 july

 6.00pm King Lear

 8.00pm Eloge de l'amour

fri 9 july

 6.00pm Breathless

 8.00pm Weekend

sat 10 july

 6.30pm Weekend

 8.30pm Une Femme est une femme

sun 11 july

 5.00pm Masculine-Feminin

 7.15pm Breathless

mon 12 july

 6.30pm Detective

 8.30pm Masculine-Feminin

tue 13 july

 6.15pm Une Femme est une femme

 8.30pm Slow Motion

wed 14 july

 6.30pm Slow Motion

 8.30pm Detective

thu 15 july

 6.00pm La Chinoise

 8.30pm Alphaville

fri 16 july

 8.30pm Pierrot le fou

sat 17 july

 6.15pm Pierrot le fou

 8.30pm La Chinoise

mon 19 july

 6.30pm Alphaville

 8.30pm Pierrot le fou

tue 20 july

 6.15pm Le Mepris

 8.30pm Nouvelle Vague

wed 21 july

 6.30pm Bande a Part

 8.30pm For Ever Mozart

thu 22 july

 7.00pm Hail Mary

fri 23 july

 6.30pm One Plus One

 8.30pm Le Mepris

sat 24 july

 6.30pm Vivre sa Vie

 8.30pm Passion

mon 26 july

 7.30pm Passion

tue 27 july

 7.30pm Bande a Part

wed 28 july

 7.30pm One Plus One

thu 29 july

 7.30pm Vivre sa vie